the women who sleep among the flowers

Our first lounge and sleepwear collection uses vintage-inspired silhouettes and a romantic floral print on eco-friendly Tencel fabric. The illustration features the moon and five women sleeping among the flowers drawn in a technique inspired by vintage illustrations from old hardcover novels.

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about us

Introducing: TILL BLUSH OF NIGHT - a creative, earth-friendly apparel and candle company with a focus on sleep and loungewear. Using vivid artwork printed on natural and sustainable fabrics, TBON strives to provide luxurious comfort that is created using a gentle exchange with our planet.

The name, Till Blush Of Night, is derived from a line of poetry found in an anthology that was discovered amidst the clutter of an antique shop. It refers to the change in color of the sky as we rise and retire with the sun - that cherished time of day or night we spend doing what we love most.

Whether it’s jotting down ideas for your side-hustle. Fueling your creativity. Flipping through the last pages of that book you can’t put down. While you’re winding down. Snuggling. Dozing. Dreaming.

What do you love doing #tillblushofnight?

  • Frame 1

    Image from “An English Garner, Ingatherings from our History and Literature”, Edward Arber | Farrah wearing our Ophelia blouse | Illustration from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, illustrated by Arthur Rackham, 1908 | Image of sunset

  • Frame 2

    “The Loge”, George Barbier | Maria wearing our Emmaline camisole | “Venus Italica”, Antonio Canova | “Lying Venus”, Antonio Canova

  • Frame 3

    Photo taken at the Perfume Museum, Barcelona | Image from “Cupid’s Almanac” by John Cecil Clay and Oliver Herford | “Lady with Rose”, George Barbier | Farrah wearing our Poésie robe | Maria wearing our Aurelia dress