About the Founder | Designer

Hello, my name is Jane and I’m the founder/designer of Till Blush of Night. As a small business owner, I’m also the one who packages your order, answers your inquiries and manages our social media!  

I am a proud Korean-Canadian born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, currently residing in NJ and working in NYC. I studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC to fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming a fashion designer and starting my own line of clothing. 

After graduating, I specialized in working for luxury evening wear companies (think gowns and wedding dresses!) over the next decade, working at first as a designer, then pivoted into production where I became more experienced with the process of manufacturing clothing. 

My role in production opened my eyes to the ways a consumer can unconsciously be hurting the environment through the choices in their wardrobe.

I was disturbed to see how much polyester was being produced and wasted, only to end up forever in landfill somewhere. How toxic chemicals from dyeing fabrics get leaked into our waterways. How many fossil fuels were there involved transporting the components to make the garments on our backs? 

To challenge this, I have learned how to integrate ways to prevent the consequences of wastage and pollution at the forefront of the design process and source which fabrics and processes have a gentler impact on our planet. 

This has led me to create Till Blush of Night, a collection of loungewear you can shop without having to compromise beauty over adopting a more eco-friendly lifestyle. 

At TBON, we strive to use fabrics that are either recycled or biodegradable, use processes that release little to no toxins back into our environment and are sourced locally around our manufacturing facilities. We aim to use no plastic in our packaging and consolidate shipping wherever possible to reduce our use of fossil fuels. If we design from nature, we have a responsibility to protect it.